Fire Inspection, Installations & Upgrades in British Columbia

The British Columbia Fire Code requires that any property with a fire alarm system must be inspected annually by a certified technician. That includes homes, businesses, manufacturing plants and marine vessels.


Pacific Coast Fire Equipment provides full diagnostic and inspection services for all types of fire alarms in British Columbia. Our certified, qualified and experienced technicians are up-to-date with provincial fire codes, local bylaws, NFPA 25 guidelines, and ULC standards. So, when you call on the experts at Pacific Coast Fire Equipment, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your fire alarm system will perform optimally and adhere to all legal requirements. We provide certified inspection services for:

  • Heat detectors

  • Audible alarms

  • Smoke detectors

  • Emergency lighting systems

  • Telephone and paging notification systems

  • All in-suite devices

  • Evacuation systems (audible and visual alarms and direct monitoring alerts)

  • Poll stations

Comprehensive Inspections for Commercial and Residential Properties, as Well as Marine Vessels

Daily, monthly and annual inspections are the responsibility of the owner of the building or watercraft, and we are here to assist you.

Providing the Documentation You Need

Upon the completion of our fire alarm system inspection, we provide a log of all tested components as a part of a report that is required by insurance agents, local fire departments and property management owners.

The Benefits of Timely Fire Alarm Inspections

Preparation is important, especially when it comes to the safety of a business’s employees or a home’s residents. Will you be ready if a fire breaks out at your home or business? A properly functioning fire alarm system not only provides protection for the health and safety of inhabitants, it also serves to protect your possessions and important assets.

Just like you periodically have your car or truck inspected to identify and replace worn parts, fluid shortages, inoperable components and other problems, it is important to have your fire alarm inspected regularly, as recommended by the BC Fire Code. Having fire alarms inspected and reviewing fire alarm procedures once a year will not only extend the life of equipment by identifying potential problems before they interfere with safety, it has also been shown to reduce the number of false alarms due to technical problems and operator error.

When Disaster Strikes, Time is of the Essence

Modern fire alarm systems are remarkably responsive and able to accomplish much more in a shorter period of time than in the past. For example, once a fire is detected the system will automatically alert emergency agencies to the problem, bringing help without delay. The system will tell emergency responders exactly where the fire is located, so they can begin fighting it more quickly, lessening the likelihood of more extensive damage or injury. While the system is alerting emergency personnel to the existence of a fire, residents can concentrate on evacuation.

Cost Factors

Today’s fire alarm systems are incredibly reliable and efficient. When you factor in the importance of what they do to your home or livelihood, not to mention the security and peace of mind they provide, they are a bargain. In order to keep your fire alarm system operating as it should, it is important to have your system routinely inspected and maintained by an experience professional.

To learn more about the fire protection services and products we offer, or to schedule a service appointment, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.