Backflow Preventer Inspections in British Columbia

Backflow preventer inspections are an important aspect of maintaining a safe environment in your facility. These preventers are found in many different settings to help prevent potentially toxic or contaminated water from flowing backward through pipes. This equipment is installed on a variety of water lines including standpipe and sprinkler systems, boilers and irrigation systems. It’s very important for your fire safety system to have the backflow preventer inspected as a defective one may prevent a sprinkler system from performing optimally. While guidelines for backflow preventer inspections can vary from district to district, the Capital Regional District outlines that, “Backflow preventers installed in residential irrigation systems are required to be tested tri-annually (once every 3 years). All other backflow preventers installed in or at a residential property must be tested annually.

Testable Backflow Assemblies

  • Pressure vacuum breaker assembly

  • Double check valve assembly

  • Double check detector assembly

  • Reduced pressure backflow

  • Reduced pressure detector assembly

Not sure when the last time your backflow preventer has been inspected? Give us a call right away!