Our Authorized Fire Protection Professionals Provide Fire Extinguisher Inspections

As British Columbia’s premier fire protection company, we can take care of all of your fire extinguisher needs including sales, inspections and maintenance. According to the BC Fire Code, the NFPA 10, and many local bylaws, your fire extinguishers need to:

  • Conform to the applicable CAN/ULC standards for installation

  • Be inspected monthly

  • Be inspected and tested annually by an authorized fire protection professional

  • Undergo schedule maintenance at 3, 6 and 12 years

During our inspection, we’ll ensure that your extinguisher is accessible, easily seen, and the most appropriate type of extinguisher to match your environment and needs. We’ll make sure the pressure is set properly and we’ll update the tags with the inspection dates and service intervals. As a fire extinguisher is your first line of defence in the case of a fire emergency, it’s not only important to have an optimally functioning extinguisher, but it’s imperative for occupants of the building to know how to operate this important equipment. At Pacific Coast Fire Equipment, we can help you develop a fire safety plan and we can also teach you how to safely operate your fire extinguisher. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.