Private Fire Hydrant Inspections in British Columbia

According to the BC Fire Code, the National Fire Code of Canada and many local bylaws, a property owner is responsible for maintaining all fire hydrants on their private property with semi-annual inspections from certified professionals. The BC Fire Code and the NFPA 291 detail that your fire hydrants must be:

  • Kept clean of obstructions and readily accessible for use by firefighters

  • Inspected every six months and following each use

  • Clearly identified

At Pacific Coast Fire Equipment, we offer comprehensive fire hydrant inspections including a flow check with a flow meter to identify the gallons per minute capability. While different provinces have their own inspection requirements, they are quite similar. For example, in British Columbia inspectors need to examine the following parts for rust, wear and obstruction:

  • Caps and cap threads

  • Main valves

  • Drain valves

  • Barrels

  • All O-ring seals and gaskets

Upon completing the simulated power failure test, the charging conditions for voltage and current and the recovery period shall be tested to ensure that the charging system is functioning in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

We’re Highly Experienced Providing Hydrant Inspections For:

  • Low and high-rise residential facilities

  • Commercial facilities and warehouses

  • Industrial and manufacturing facilities

  • School and universities

  • Hospitals and medical centres

If your hydrant has not been inspected in over 6 months, or you have any concerns about its condition, please give us a call right away.