Professional Fire Sprinkler Inspection Services in British Columbia 

Fire sprinklers and associated water-based fire protection systems are vital components of a building’s fire and life safety system. Sprinkler systems are required by code to be tested / inspected regularly as per NFPA 25 which is referenced in the BC Fire Code. Pacific Coast Fire Equipment employs many experienced and certified red seal sprinkler fitters and ASTT technicians. We will perform the necessary preventative maintenance tests and inspections required and ensure all systems will operate as designed. 

Our program establishes a sprinkler system’s operational readiness as per fire code requirements. Pacific Coast Fire Equipment’s fire sprinkler system inspection services are available throughout British Columbia. We provide high-quality services for all types of businesses and buildings, no matter the size.  

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Why Are the Maintenance and Inspection of Fire Sprinkler Systems Necessary? 

The National Fire Protection Association provides a comprehensive, integrated approach to fire code regulation and hazard management. Every building, process and service is affected by NFPA’s 275+ codes and standards. These codes are referenced by the BC Fire and the BC Building codes and based on this, you are required by law to have your fire sprinkler systems inspected regularly. A fire sprinkler system helps save lives and protects your business from facing any fire loss. You never know when a fire is going to break out to damage your property. Fire sprinkler systems save lives and property. That’s why proper maintenance of your fire sprinkler systems is crucial.  


With over 70 years of experience, Pacific Coast Fire Equipment offers many services such as regular maintenance and inspection of the fire sprinkler systems, which will help you identify issues early and save money on costly repairs. Our certified fire technicians know every nuance of a fire sprinkler system, enabling us to recognize if your sprinkler system is at adequate operational health.   

our sprinkler testing services

Pacific Coast Fire Equipment ensures that you get your inspection services done at regular intervals. We provide comprehensive fire sprinkler system services throughout British Columbia to ensure that your fire sprinkler system works as intended. We keep in compliance with provincial and federal fire codes, local bylaws and the National Fire Protection Association's NFPA 25 guidelines. Our services include: 

  • Dry pipe valve testing

  • Water flow testing

  • Deluge and pre-action testing

  • Emergency repairs

  • Telephone and paging notification systems

  • Backflow prevention testing

  • Visual inspections

  • Fire hose hydro testing/re-coupling

  • Standpipe flush and pressure testing

  • Foam and water mist systems

  • Routine testing as required by the NFPA

Whether you need to install a fire sprinkler system or want to get it repaired, the experts at Pacific Coast Fire Equipment in British Columbia provide you with these professional services. 

We Are Experienced in the Testing Requirements of Various System Types

Sprinkler systems are specifically engineered for various applications, making installation, maintenance and inspection a complicated process. At Pacific Coast Fire Equipment, we understand that dry systems, wet systems and deluge systems all have their own specific testing requirements. Our certified technicians can provide inspections for:

  • Wet and dry sprinkler systems

  • Standpipe systems

  • Residential sprinkler systems

  • Deluge and pre-action systems

  • Fire pumps

  • Water reservoirs

  • Cross-connection/backflow

  • Standpipe and hose systems

  • Fire hydrants

  • Fire department connections

Winterize Your Fire Sprinkler System

Cold weather can cause your fire sprinkler system to cease to function or burst by freezing the water inside the pipes. To avoid this situation, you can add an antifreeze system and get your system inspected. You can also try to keep the cold air out which reduces the risk of freezing pipes.


When to Perform Testing and Maintenance?

There are guidelines provided by the fire and building codes on how and when to perform testing and maintenance of a fire sprinkler system. There are various components which may require regular checks. According to NFPA 25, the following inspection schedule should be followed:

• Weekly or monthly - Inspection of gauges in dry, pre-action and deluge systems must be done once a week. Wet pipe system gauges are inspected monthly.

• Quarterly – You must get the water flow alarm devices, along with the valve supervisory and hydraulic nameplates inspected once every three months.

• Annually – Inspect the hanger, pipes and fittings once a year.

• Every five years – An internal inspection of sprinkler piping is required once in every five years.

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