Special Hazard Suppression Inspection

Special hazards can be any area containing processes or equipment of a very high value, an area with unique or irreplaceable assets, or an area where revenue produced is of a higher value than the equipment itself. For these types of areas, a sprinkler system may not be the most appropriate first line of fire defence and so a more advanced system is required. At Pacific Coast Fire Equipment we serve our clients in British Columbia, we have experience, certifications and equipment to provide comprehensive inspections and evaluations for special hazards suppression systems.

Make Sure Your Valuable Equipment is Property Protected

As special hazard suppression systems are usually utilized in areas of high value, it’s imperative to have regular maintenance and inspections to ensure that your property is being safely and effectively protected. Whether you have a special hazard system to protect your computer server, chemical storage, marine vessel generator rooms or anything else, count on the experts at Pacific Coast Fire Equipment for your inspection and maintenance needs.

Common Special Hazard Fire Suppression Agents:

  • Inert gas

  • CO2

  • Clean agents

  • Water mist

  • Hybrid systems

  • Foam

  • Dry chemicals