We Offer a Comprehensive Range of Fire Protection Systems and Products

Fire accidents can happen in the most bizarre ways. Whenever a fire accident is involved, it results in severe loss of life and property. In order to prevent this and be equipped to prevent the spreading of fire during emergencies, we have developed a comprehensive range of fire protection system in British Columbia. Equip your property with quality fire alarm system in British Columbia today. Pacific Coast Fire Equipment’s fire prevention equipment services will ensure your safety effectively.

Pacific Coast Fire Equipment is a Distributor For

Commercial Kitchen

Pacific Coast Fire provides protection for the restaurant industry with installation and servicing of commercial cooking fire suppression systems.

The Kidde WHDR™ Wet Chemical System offers 24-hour automatic or manual protection for commercial cooking areas including ducts, plenums, hoods, and cooking services. The wet chemical agent is designed for quicker flame knockdown and faster suppression.

Exceeds stringent UL 300 standard and complies with NFPA Standards 96 and 17A. This product offers unmatched coverage, with fewer discharge nozzles and flow points, meaning reduced installation time and cost.


  • Safe and reliable fire protection

  • Ease of design and flexibility of installation

  • Flexibility and reliability of important safety system

Emergency Lighting

Pacific Coast Fire provides complete sales, service and repair for emergency lighting, exit signs and exit guidance systems. We offer products by the leading industry manufacturers including:

  • Beghelli Lighting

  • Globrite Systems

  • Stanpro Lighting

The new British Columbia and National Building Codes require the use of the internationally recognized “Running Man” exit sign. Pacific Coast Fire offers these exit signs for both new and retrofit applications. We strongly recommend a consultation with the local fire department and Pacific Coast Fire before utilizing the new signs. Use fire protection systems in British Columbia and prevent damage.

Explosion Prevention

Pacific Coast Fire Equipment provides industrial explosion prevention systems for:

  • Cyclone separators

  • Dust collectors

  • Fluid bed dryers

  • Grain elevators

  • Pneumatic conveying

  • Process isolation

  • Pulverisers

  • Ring dryers

  • Spray dryers

  • Waste shredders

Detect and Suppress Explosions in Milliseconds

In a matter of milliseconds, a Fenwal Explosion Suppression System is designed to detect the buildup of pressure in an explosion and discharge an explosion suppressant into the enclosed space before destructive pressure are created.

The World’s Most Extensive Line of Field-Proven Components

Fenwal offers the most extensive line of detectors (including pressure, optical, and thermal sensing detectors), high-rate discharge containers, and state-of-the-art control panels.

Fenwal high-rate discharge extinguishers are rechargeable, spherical containers are filled with the suppressant agent most appropriate for a given application and pressurized with dry nitrogen. The containers are equipped with a three-inch electro-explosive burst.

Over 5,000 Fenwal systems are installed worldwide, limiting the explosion danger of a wide range of materials in an equally wide range of process applications. Don’t guess or gamble.

Do you have a potential explosion lurking in your process? As a rule of thumb, if the liquid can burn, the vapor will explode; and if the solid can burn, the dust will explode.

Fire Alarm

In British Columbia, we provide fire alarms from single zone conventional systems to multi-node fully addressable networked systems and everything in between.

We provide complete designs, installation, testing and verification of all types of fire alarm and detection systems and we SPECIALIZE in residential apartment and condominium fire alarm upgrades to the BC Building Code requirements.

Products supported:


  • Fenwal

  • FCI Netsolo

  • BRK Smoke Alarms

We also provide specialty detection systems including:

  • VESDA early warning smoke detection

  • Fenwal Air Intelligence Smoke Detection

  • Protectowire Linear Heat Detection

  • Flame detection


  • Gas detection systems

Fire Suppression

At Pacific Coast Fire Equipment, we are fire suppression experts. We provide complete design, installation, testing and maintenance for all types of fire suppression.

Our Fire Suppression Products Include:

  • FM-200®

  • Argonite®

  • 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid

  • FE-13™

  • WHDR wet chemical

  • IND dry chemical


  • Water mist

  • Foam systems

  • Explosion prevention systems

  • ULC Listed Halon and Clean Agent Service Facility

Halon 1301

Until it was proscribed by the Montreal Protocol, Halon 1301 was your best choice for a fire-suppression agent. Now, clean agents offer all the performance of Halon without the environmental or substitute system drawbacks in systems that combine active fire protection. The benefits of clean agent systems are that they provide people-safe, environmentally friendly performance.

Novec 1230/Sapphire

3M™ Novec™ fire protection fluid is environmentally friendly and ideal for special hazards that are critical to maintaining operation of high-end equipment. Novec™ 1230 fluid has zero ozone depletion potential, the lowest atmospheric lifetime (5 days), and has the greatest margin of safety for use in occupied spaces. Novec™ 1230 fluid quickly extinguishes fire without causing any damage to the product it is protecting and without leaving any residue, hence providing for the fastest possible cleanup.


FM-200 extinguishes fire within seconds of discharge through a combination of chemically based fire inhibition and cooling at the flame front. FM-200 also leaves no residue on any equipment. Recognized by the top independent listing and approval agencies, FM-200 has become the economic, efficient and environmentally safe, clean agent choice around the world.


Kidde-Fenwal Argonite™ is an inert gas mixture of nitrogen and argon. Both substances are naturally occurring and present in the atmosphere. Argonite™ is safer for use in occupied spaces and poses no threat to the environment because it has no ozone depletion potential and no direct global warming potential.


ANSUL® INERGEN® systems protect enclosed areas where there is a need for quick reaction to a fire including environments where people may be present, where fire may strike day or night, and where damage from conventional agents cannot be tolerated. This environment-friendly, people-safe agent boasts zero ozone depletion potential, zero global warming potential, and zero atmospheric lifetime.

Carbon Dioxide CO2

For non-occupied spaces, the original “clean” agent, carbon dioxide suppresses fire without leaving behind an agent to damage sensitive equipment. And, because there is no agent to clean up, you’re back in business faster.

Dry Chemical

For fire hazards found in industrial settings, Kidde IND dry chemical systems provide the flexibility based on the size and configuration of the application. These systems provide automatic or manual operation and detection/alarm/release capabilities. Typical use for spray applications and solvent/fuel storage.


The extensive line of foam products includes premium foam concentrates for both Class A and B fires, proportioning equipment for various system arrangements, and an array of discharge devices to cover your application.


FirePro Canada and Pacific Coast Fire Equipment are excited to introduce the FirePro marine and land line of fire suppression systems and fire alarm systems specifically designed for the smaller vessel (fish boats, workboats, water taxis) and specialized enclosures, computer racks, MCC rooms, electrical cabinets and other smaller enclosure rooms.

Ozone Friendly, Cost Effective, Halon Alternative, and Environmentally Friendly

The extinguishing agent of the future for:

  • Total flooding

  • Internal

  • Local/streaming

  • Portable

Methods of Fire Fighting

All FirePro fire extinguishing aerosol generators use the latest generation of the stable SBK aerosol forming solid compound (containing no pyrotechnic substances). Upon activation, the solid compound is transformed into a rapidly expanding, highly efficient and highly effective fire extinguishing aerosol, based on potassium salts.

Aerosol Main Characteristics

Generator Main Characteristics

Higher efficiency and effectiveness than other conventional agents:

  • O.D.P = 0 (ozone depletion potential)

  • A.L.T = 0 (atmospheric lifetime)

  • G.W.P = 0 (global warming potential)

  • Non-corrosive

  • Non-toxic

  • Flexible and modular systems

  • Non-pressurized containers

  • Space and weight saving

  • Activated electrically, thermally, manually or in combination of any two

  • Suitable for A, B, C classes of fire

  • The coolant used is a natural mineral that does not contain pyrotechnic material – there is no danger of blockage of the outlet that can lead to the generator exploding

  • Subject to negligible maintenance costs compared to that associated with other conventional systems

  • Its built-in fail-safe activation systems ensures operation of the generators when required, even if everything else fails

  • The solid compound does not contain pyrotechnic materials, therefore, it is more stable to temperature fluctuations and has a significantly longer operation lifetime

Range of Products

FirePro – Fire Suppression Panels FPC-2 Control Panel single zone fire suppression control panel for unmanned areas FPX104C Marine Control Panel. This panel is used to monitor and control multiple fire detectors and FirePro generators as part of a marine engine fire protection system.

firepro range of products

Specialized Fire Protection for Mobile Equipment

Pacific Coast Fire Equipment’s Special Hazards Division provides fire protection solutions in British Columbia for high hazard industries. Specifically providing fire suppression and detection to the following:

  • Large mining mobile equipment – haulers, shovels, dozers

  • Large mining machinery – crushers, conveyors

  • Logging – bunchers, skidders, loaders, yarders

  • Sawmill operations – hogfuel, chip piles, explosion prevention

  • School and tour/coach buses

We service and install all vehicle fire suppression systems.

Pacific Coast Fire Equipment is a Master Distributor For

Portable Extinguishers

Our portable extinguishers are perfect for all your residential, commercial, industrial and marine needs. Pacific Coast Fire Equipment offers multiple types of extinguishers to ensure we carry the right model for your application.

AFFF Foam Extinguisher

Contains an alcohol-resistant (AR) type of aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) that is specifically formulated for optimum use in a hand-held, portable fire extinguisher.

ABC Dry Chemical Extinguisher

Designed to meet the occupancy requirements in most commercial, industrial and domestic environments.

BC Dry Chemical Extinguisher

For occupancies that do not require Class A ratings.

Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher

A supplement to ABC Dry Chemical, CO2 safeguards against fire involving electrical equipment and flammable liquids.

Chrome Extinguisher

ABC Dry Chemical with chrome finish extinguishers for custom designs, marine and automotive applications where appearance is a priority

Class D Dry Powder Extinguisher

Where concentrations of metal shavings or powder require supplemental fire protection solutions.

Class K Dry Chemical Extinguisher

For use on commercial cooking fires.

Corrosion Resistant Extinguisher

ABC Dry Chemical extinguisher specifically designed for exposure to harsh environments.

FE-36 Cleanguard Extinguisher

Safe, clean and environmentally friendly solutions for protection of sensitive electronic equipment.

Non-Magnetic Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher

Clean agent that leaves no residue.

Water Extinguisher

An ideal solution for occupancies where deep seated Class A combustibles are present.

Wheeled Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher

Clean agent that leaves no residue

Wheeled Dry Chemical Stored Pressure Extinguisher

Two sizes and three agent choices in an easy-to-maneuver, single operator unit.

Wheeled Dry Chemical Pressure Transfer Extinguisher

Models 125 lb and 150 lb. Combines single-person operation and exceptional performance when high-hazard fires demand fast response.

Wheeled Dry Chemical Pressure Transfer Extinguisher

Models 300 lb and 350 lb. Fast delivery of dry chemical directly to the hazard.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms save lives. A working smoke alarm is required to be installed in every residence in British Columbia. Pacific Coast Fire Equipment offers a broad line of smoke alarms to meet every requirement.

9v Battery Operated | 120V Powered | 10-Year Lithium Battery | Combination Smoke/CO | Wireless

Ionization Smoke Alarms

Ionization smoke alarms generally respond first to fast flaming fires. A flaming fire devours combustibles extremely fast, spreads rapidly, and generates considerable heat with little smoke. Ionization models are best suited for rooms that contain highly combustible materials. These types of materials include:

  • Cooking fat/grease

  • Newspapers

  • Newspapers

  • Cleaning solutions

  • Cleaning solutions

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

Photoelectric alarms generally respond first to slow smoldering fires. A smoldering fire generates large amounts of thick, black smoke with little heat and may smolder for hours before bursting into flames.

Photoelectric models are best suited for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. This is because these rooms often contain large pieces of furniture, such as sofas, chairs, mattresses, countertops, etc., which will burn slowly and create more smoldering smoke than flames. Photoelectric smoke alarms are also less prone to nuisance alarms in the kitchen area than ionization smoke alarms.

Recycling Smoke Alarms

AlarmRecycle is a recycling program used for expired smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Since October 1, 2011, British Columbia residents have been able to drop off their smoke and carbon monoxide alarms for recycling at AlarmRecycle drop-off locations across the province. There is an eco-fee applicable to all new smoke alarms sold that funds the program. Products accepted free of charge at drop-off locations:

  • Smoke alarms

  • Carbon monoxide (CO) alarms

  • Combination smoke and CO alarms

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are typically disc-shaped and plastic and perform both a smoke detection and alarm sounding function. Accepted products include all stand-alone smoke alarms powered by a battery and/or wired to a building’s electrical system. Common types include ionization, photoelectric and combination ionization/photoelectric smoke alarms.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms

Program products are “stand alone” CO alarms that perform both a CO detection and alarm sounding function. These units are typically disc or square shaped and plastic.

Combination Smoke and CO Alarms

A “stand alone” unit that performs both detection and alarm functions, and combines the technology of a smoke alarm and a CO alarm.

Excluded Products

The program does not accept devices that perform only the detection function and not the alarm function, e.g. a smoke and/or CO detector unit connected to a building-wide monitoring or alarm system. These types of units are typically installed in commercial buildings and are outside the scope of this program. These types of units are defined by the CAN/ULC-s529 standard.

Water Mist

Pacific Coast Fire Equipment is pleased to announce the availability of the leading technology of the Ultra Fog® Water Mist system approved for use with land and marine applications.

Ultra Fog® – Effective Water Fog Sprinkler Systems

Effective firefighting becomes more and more important in our world to protect people as well as property. For more than fifteen years, Ultra Fog® AB has developed their high-pressure sprinkler system for fighting fires with water fog. Water fog sprinkler systems are more effective than conventional sprinklers and all kinds of fires are extinguished rapidly.


Ultra Fog®’s high-pressure water mist systems are particularly suited for off-shore applications, providing highly efficient, fast release fire protection, with an extremely optimized use of water.


Ultra Fog® has a long tradition of supplying the yacht industry with fire protection. This brand leader is constantly optimizing and tailoring its design to meet its customers’ requirements.

Passengers and Cargo

With passenger and long-distance cargo vessels, like cruise ships, ferries and riverboats, the top priority is the safety of passengers and crew on board.


Ultra Fog®’s reliable, fast-acting extinguishing system protects buildings, people and businesses from the devastating effect of fire.


The industrial sector is extremely vulnerable to fire events, both when the buildings are active during the daytime, and at night, when machines may be unattended.


Ultra Fog® offers flexible, custom engineered solutions for the energy industry. Ultra Fog®’s modular system poses no limit to the size of the system, and can be tailored to customer requirements.


Ultra Fog® is focused on providing custom-engineered systems for the transport sector, whether the application is rolling stock, public transport, commercial vehicles or tunnels.

Special Detection

Pacific Coast Fire Equipment can provide a detection system for any hazard and location.

Our Fire Detection Products Include:

  • Air Intelligence and VESDA High Sensitivity Smoke Detection

  • Conventional and Intelligent Smoke Detectors

  • Linear Heat Detection from Kidde and Fenwal

Our Fire Control Products Include:

  • Kidde and Fenwal addressable and conventional Suppression Control Systems

  • Kidde Sentinel Control Systems

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