Ensure Your BC Fire Suppression System Is Functioning Optimally With Our Room Integrity Inspection

Pacific Coast Fire Equipment provides the Retrotec Room Integrity testing system to ensure your fire suppression will be as effective as possible. Integrity testing predicts the amount of time it takes for a fire suppressant agent to descend to a given level within a room without having to discharge the actual suppression system. Room Integrity Testing is required for the initial installation and when any changes to the integrity are suspected. To ensure the effectiveness of your clean agent fire suppression system, the integrity of the room to hold the gas is a critical factor that we test. Room Integrity Testing is vital to ensure your protected area is properly sealed so your suppression agent won’t escape allowing the fire to possibly re-ignite.

Along with our fire suppression service, a visual room integrity inspection is done to indicate any need for further room integrity testing. We provide our testing in-line with special hazard systems. To learn more about this service, please give us a call.