ULC Halon Service

Pacific Coast Fire Equipment is a ULC listed service company that is certified for the inspections of Halon 1301 or FM200 fire extinguishing systems including verification of the integrity of installed systems and dismantling of systems.

Pacific Coast Fire Equipment is only one of a handful of service companies that are ULC listed for Halon service in Western Canada. We are an active participant in the listing program, unlike other companies that may not actively participate in the program. As an active participant, Pacific Coast Fire Equipment is audited by ULC quarterly.

British Columbia CFC regulations and the Federal Halon Code of Practice require that all fire extinguishing equipment that contains Halon, be service by a ULC listed service company.

Halon is prohibited for use in new fire suppression systems and existing systems are not allowed to be re-charged. Existing systems are to be dismantled and disposed of in accordance with Environment Canada regulations.

Pacific Coast Fire Equipment specializes in the retrofitting of Halon systems to other clean agent systems, such as FM200, Novec1230, and Argonite.

Further Halon information is available at the following websites:
BC Halocarbon Regulations Environment Canada

See our Suppression Systems page for details and information on Halon replacements.